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The Eastern Atlantic Experience

Eastern Atlantic Helicopters purchase pre-owned helicopters from around the world for stock. By the time we have the helicopter back at our hangar you can bet on the fact that we have concentrated every effort to ensure the helicopter is a sound purchase. We know exactly what to look for - we've done it over 200 times!

We have a buying team that will travel the world at the drop of a hat to scrutinize any helicopter personally. Our inspection and flight test criteria is incredibly strict. We have extensive packing, shipping and import / export experience to ensure the helicopter arrives back here efficiently and without a scratch.

"We've bought and sold over 500 helicopters!"

If you are buying pre-owned from Eastern Atlantic, you are buying a thoroughly tried and tested helicopter. However, we still insist that each and every buyer carries out an independent pre-purchase survey of their own, which protects us and protects you and validates the helicopter is fully airworthy, all systems are fully functional and it is cosmetically as advertised. It's your right as the buyer to have this... don't waive it.

If you're unsure about us or perhaps the idea of buying overseas... then we would urge you to contact one of our existing customers and ask them directly for their experience of buying or selling with Eastern Atlantic Helicopters.

  • Customisation

    CustomisationIf you want the new helicopter feel but not the new helicopter price, why not think about a refurbishment plan as part of your purchase? This can range from fully stripping the helicopter to purely cosmetic upgrades.

  • Helicopters for sale

    Helicopters for saleTo purchase a pre-owned aircraft takes money, time and most importantly of all... confidence. Confidence in the knowledge that you are investing in the best possible helicopter available and at the right price.

  • Contact us

    Contact usWhatever you need, please get in touch with us today to discuss ways in which we might be able to help. Call us on +44 1273 463336 or click here to see our address and email details. We want to hear from you!