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Aircraft customisation and refurbishment options

If you want the new helicopter feel but not the new helicopter price, why not think about a refurbishment plan as part of your purchase? This can range from fully stripping the helicopter to purely cosmetic upgrades.

1dm38976s_251Go one better than just the new smell and feel, why not make it bespoke? Want left hand command converted to right? Want the radio moved up and a main panel-mounted MFD fitted? How about an auxiliary fuel tank to increase time in the air, or a rotor brake to reduce time on the ground? Long skids, short skids, the list goes on. And we've not even got to paint colour yet!

Buying a helicopter is a big deal, make it count... make it yours!

Here is an example of just some of the work we've done during MD500 refurbishments. This isn't just a case of attending to the areas you can see at the surface but also making improvements right down inside too.


  • Remove all old and unnecessary wiring and commission new avionics / electrics

  • Refurbish aircraft interior structure (attention to corrosion and repaint internal airframe)

  • Remove, improve or upgrade old modifications or optional fitted equipment

  • Manufacture a bespoke instrument panel (redesign the layout of instruments and radios)

  • Upgrade lighting systems for LED lighting

  • Change left hand command to right hand command

  • Install auxiliary fuel tanks

  • Install a complete new bespoke interior

  • Install new screens and windows (why not go for extra elbow room with tech tool comfort windows?)

  • Install an AFS barrier filter

  • Install a rotor brake

  • Engine conversions (within manufacturers' allowances)

  • Complete bare metal exterior respray

  • Reweigh the helicopter and check C of G


 "We take our work personally - it counts to us as much as it will to you"
Bespoke configured panel and new interior throughout
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