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Eastern Atlantic's achievements

Eastern Atlantic's mindset is to push boundaries. Boundaries in providing the best customer service, boundaries in providing the best quality aircraft and boundaries of delivering the complete turn key package. We've even set a few records along the way; sales records and on occasion the odd world record.

Follow the menu on the left to see us in action during our 'Around the World' recording breaking flight, or even to us in action in one of the latest Hollywood movies!


Sales records

Eastern Atlantic is proud to have received multiple sales awards as well as being named "Dealer of the Year" several times by both Enstrom and MD Helicopters.

  • Contact us

    Contact usWhatever you need, please get in touch with us today to discuss ways in which we might be able to help. Call us on +44 1273 463336 or click here to see our address and email details. We want to hear from you!

  • Voyager GPU

    Voyager GPUThe Voyager GPU is a lightweight, compact, portable power source designed to start and provide auxiliary power to your helicopter. Voyager reduces the risk of a "Hot Start" and serves as an emergency power supply.

  • Solo Liferaft

    Solo LiferaftThis liferaft is ideal for helicopter due to its compact size and light weight. Most life rafts are large, heavy and unpractical. The Solo Liferaft can easily be stowed in the cockpit to ensure it is easily accessible by the crew