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Helicopters for sale

To purchase a pre-owned aircraft takes money, time and most importantly of all... confidence! Confidence in the knowledge that you are investing in the best possible helicopter available at the right price.

We buy helicopters for stock and we only buy the best available. We know what we're doing, we've done it over 300 times! Use our experience to help you buy the right aircraft.

Our current inventory of available aircraft is listed below. If we don't have what you want or if you need some advice or help comparing different types then please contact us, we're here to help!

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  • MD369E for sale in the UK

    MD369E MD Helicopters

    Fantastic 1990 MD500E. Slant panel and Garmin avionics.

  • MD369E for sale in the UK

    MD369E MD Helicopters

    MD500E with great component times and fantastic avionics. Hook provisions and comfort windows.

  • MD369E for sale in the UK

    MD369E MD Helicopters

    Well-equipped and great condition MD500E with leather interior, wire strike kit and great avionics.

  • Bell 505 Jetranger X for sale in the UK

    Bell 505 Jetranger X Bell

    Excellent example VIP Bell 505 available for sale. Always maintained by a Bell CSF, recent annual inspection completed and new TT straps fitted!

  • Hughes 500C for sale in the UK

    Hughes 500C Hughes

    This incredible example of the iconic Hughes 500C, with good component times and having recently benefited from a full rebuild and bare metal exterior paint, fresh new interior and C20 engine upgrade to a C20B Spec.

  • MD600N for sale in the UK

    MD600N MD Helicopters

    Exclusively presenting this eye-catching and powerhouse of an MD600N. Seating 6 with Garmin and King avionics and wired for Bose. Comfort windows and provisions for a cargo hook.

  • A109E 2.8T POWER for sale in the UK

    A109E 2.8T POWER Agusta

    A beautiful A109E 2.8T Power available to purchase. Stunning corporate interior with club seating, and metallic white finish. Single Pilot IFR Autopilot. Bose headsets with Bluetooth connection.

  • MD902 Explorer for sale in the UK

    MD902 Explorer MD Helicopters

    Absolutely stunning VVIP SPIFR MD902 Explorer available to purchase. Beautiful corporate interior fitted in 2020. 3 Axis Auto-pilot, aux fuel tank, Traffic System

  • Hughes 500C for sale in the UK

    Hughes 500C Hughes

    Excellent example C20 engine Hughes 500C available. Full back to bare metal paint in 2021. Excellent avionics including Aspen PFD. Flying beautifully!

  • Customisation

    CustomisationIf you want the new helicopter feel but not the new helicopter price, why not think about a refurbishment plan as part of your purchase? This can range from fully stripping the helicopter to purely cosmetic upgrades.

  • Shipping and export

    Shipping and exportShipping can often put a negative slant on a buyer looking overseas for aircraft. But it's an international market; if you want the best then you have to go global! Eastern Atlantic take the pain out of shipping.

  • Contact us

    Contact usWhatever you need, please get in touch with us today to discuss ways in which we might be able to help. Call us on +44 1273 463336 or click here to see our address and email details. We want to hear from you!