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Applications and advantages

The number 1 culprit for a "hot-start" is poor battery performance. This might be as a result of cold weather, a period of inactivity or simply calendar degradation of an aging battery. Using a Voyager avoids these risks and if used regularly will actually improve your on board battery condition and battery life.

voyager_vertical_251The Voyager can be used during normal flight operations, emergency self-rescue, and maintenance activities.

The Voyager's high cranking power yields faster, cooler turbine starts.  “Hot-start” risk is decreased, there's less stress on the starter and the aircrafts expected battery life is extended.

The Voyager's 20Ah capacity enables 10+ turbine starts and the 10Ah enables 5+ starts, per charge, or it can power a full load of on-board electronics as a Ground Power Unit (GPU). A full recharge takes only 60 minutes.

Emergency self-rescue (ie flight battery) is no longer an emergency when you have a Voyager on-board. Pilots can simply retrieve their stowed Voyager, which is perfectly safe to carry on board your helicopter, follow their normal external start procedure and depart without delay.

Maintenance activities that require an auxiliary power source are simplified and more efficient when technicians enjoy the autonomy and freedom of movement afforded by a Voyager.


Operational advantages

Voyager’s superior cranking power and consistently high voltage results in more powerful turbine starts

Voyager ensures that a helicopter with a low battery will never be stranded. Emergency usage may be rare, but when it occurs, it could save a life in an EMS aircraft or maintain a valuable corporate relationship during a charter flight.

Voyager increases an aircraft's power reserves serving on the ground as a Ground Power Unit (GPU). Longer run-time for electronic equipment expands operational capabilities.

Maintenance crews using Voyager as a lightweight, auxiliary power source will benefit from increased efficiency and freedom of movement. No long and heavy power chords are required.

Economic advantages

Maintenance expense is lower because Voyager’s powerful turbine starts result in less stress on all engine components including the starter, mission computers, digital engine controls, and avionics.

Lead-acid batteries will last longer if pilots start helicopters with Voyager.  Doing so transfers the stress of turbine starts, especially cold starts, to Voyager, which is designed to start helicopter turbine engines thousands of times.


"Heavy GPU packs or GPU karts, both of which have long and heavy power receptacle leads, are a thing of the past. The Voyager is the future!"
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