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Voyager is tried and tested

The Voyager has been extensively tested in multiple environments;

In the laboratory

simulated turbine starts with a design which either meets or exceeds the performance specifications of most on-board, led-acid batteries.  All critical components are tested during assembly to ensure proper operation.


In the field

Successful field-tests on an expanding list of popular, commercial helicopters have been completed.  The tests repeatedly indicate that Voyager outperforms led-acid starts, offering faster, cooler starts, even in rapid succession.

The US Army extensively tested Avion Power’s technology before certifying it with an Air Worthiness Release (AWR).  Subsequently, it has performed well in combat with the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

The testing required to earn an Air Worthiness Release subjected the Voyager batteries to the following abbreviated list of stresses:

  • Capacity cycling in hot, cold, and ambient temperatures
  • Deep discharge recovery
  • Short circuit with and without the BMU
  • Over-charge with active BMU
  • Over-charge, discharge, and over-discharge without the BMU
  • Exposure to abnormal high temperature
  • Exposure to abnormal voltage spike
  • Exposure to crushing, rod puncture, gunfire penetration
  • Storage at high and low temperatures
  • Austere environments including rain, humidity, fungus, salt fog, blowing sand & dust, contaminating fluids, and drastic temperature change
  • Violent environments including explosive atmosphere, crash shocks, functional shocks, handling shocks, bench handling shocks, acceleration, and vibration


"The Voyager has been throughly tested and proven in a miliatary environment"
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