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Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)

Being proficient in HUET procedures is expected, if not mandatory, for most off-shore organisations. Many professional operators either require this now or are in the process of incorporating regular HUET courses into their safety standards policies. Through our partners we provide courses for individuals and groups so please read on to see what HUET means and what it can do for you.


Through our partners we provide aviation survival procedure training services for private, corporate, offshore oil industry, HEMS, fire-fighters, marine and police helicopter crews, Department of Interior and military aviation professionals performing helicopter SAR services.

Head-quartered in Central Florida our team consists of active fire fighters, EMT/paramedics, military, law enforcement, members of local, state and federal disaster response teams and specialists whose knowledge is founded on extensive experience in both civilian and government Emergency Disaster Management and Response Operations.  

Awareness and demand for HUET training has increased in recent years as oil and gas companies move into deeper offshore waters and rely more on helicopter transportation to rigs and platforms.  Over land, the number of incidents that have occurred into a body of water have risen dramatically with the higher number of people travelling near or over water whether it is by air or vehicle. 

Our mission is to provide excellence in aviation and specialized public safety training that is unsurpassed in the industry.

"Safety is a choice"
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