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HUET Courses

Safety is everyone’s personal responsibility. The Basic and Advanced HUET course is for pilots, crew and passengers transported offshore or frequently flying over water in a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

The courses are conducted in a controlled pool environment, attendees undergo swim and tread water instruction and are trained in the use of emergency underwater breathing equipment during several fully supervised immersed “runs” in either a single or multi-seat  underwater egress simulator unit.


The Basic course shall have no formal pre-requisite. There will be a swim and tread water assessment at the beginning of the practical pool session to assess student swim ability for participation.  Proof of certificate of a Basic HUET or a shallow water egress course is required for the registration and attendance of the Advanced HUET course.

Course Length

6-8 hours - Course length shall vary depending on the number of students. Total course time does not include breaks and meals.

Class Size

The maximum number of students that may be trained and tested per instructor shall be Twenty Five (25) in the classroom session and Twenty five (25) in the practical session for all exercises. Instructor Student ratio maintained at 1 to 3 at all times for practical pool session. No more than 2 students shall be in the pool during the dunker exercises.

Course Objective
  • To provide students with an understanding of the importance of “Survival Skills”
  • To provide students with necessary knowledge and skills to assist them with survival in an offshore environment should an unfortunate event occur
  • Students will be given the knowledge and taught these skills in a classroom and practical setting. Students should be able to demonstrate these necessary skills during practical assessment
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