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MD902 Explorer






delivered new 2007



Exterior for saleExterior for saleExterior for saleControl Panel for saleRear Cabin for saleRear Cabin for sale


Presented in stunning two colour blue metallic with silver stripes



Complete Leather VIP seats with perforated centre. Lower Cabin half in Leather with contrasting panels. Upper half cabin and roof lined in leather. Wilton carpet, leather bound. Wilton Carpet overmat, leather bound. Luggage compartment carpeted. Aircraft powered Bose system.


KFC 900 Automatic 3-Axis Autopilot with Flight Directors
SAS System
BFG Skywatch TCAD System (KMD850 Display)
Weather Radar (integrated on KMD850 Display)
Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS)
KI206 Course Deviation Indicator
United Altimeter
United Airspeed Indicator (dual)
KMR-675 Marker (Displayed on EFIS)
KLN-90B Global Positioning System
Skymap IIIC Global Positioning System
KA-51B Slaving Accessory
BFG 1200 Attitude Gyro (dual)
BFG GH3000 Stby Indicator Sys.
KI-525 HSI
United 7130 Instantaneous Vertical Speed indicator
KAV-485 Radar Alt. & Vertical Speed indicator
IFR Annunciator & Control Panel Switches
“T” Instrument Panel
Heated Pitot / Static System (dual)
IFR Avionics Master Switch
KX-165A Nav / comm (dual) (8.33 kHz spacing)
NAT AMS-43 Audio Control
KR-87 ADF (Displayed on EFIS)
Garmin GTX 345 Mode S Transponder (ADS-B ‘in’ & ‘out’)
KN-63 DME (Displayed on EFIS)
KG-102 Directional Gyro
DB model 630 Aural Warning System
KA-172 Dimmer Control
KN-40 Nav Converter w/ 3W RMI
KA-33 Avionics Cooling Blower
LITIF LCR 925 AHRS (with rack fan)
KMT-112 Flux Valve
KDC 481T Central Air Data Computer
KCP 520 Flight Control Computer
SG-465 Symbol Generator


62.1 US Gallon Fargo auxiliary fuel tank
Hand Pump – Dual Hydraulics Recharging
Air Conditioning
Emer. Loc Trans. Artex C406-2HM
Laminator Retractable Landing Light
Wirestrike Protection System
Engine Wash Kit
Engine Fire Suppression System
Engine Inlet Screens
Passenger Steps Left & Right
Hover & Approach Lights
External Power Receptacle
Battery, Heavy Duty 27-Ampere-Hour
Dual Hydraulic Boosted Control System
Vertical Stabilizer Control System
Dual Controls
Ram Air Ventilation System w/fan augmentation
Heater/Defogger System
Rotor Brake
Cabin Soundproofing
Cabin Threshold lights
FOD Covers for Engine & Upper Deck Cover
Dual Heated Pitot
Pitot Tube Covers
Main Rotor Blade Tie Downs
First Aid Kit
Cockpit Pneumatic Door Openers


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