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If you already own a helicopter and are keen to make either a clean sale and take a break from owning an aircraft, or you would like to sell your current model to purchase another, then Eastern Atlantic can help. We may even take your current model as a part exchange (moving up or down) which just about no other sales company will offer you.

Eastern Atlantic offer fair and responsible brokerage services. You may prefer to sell your helicopter independently but without a doubt, having a well-known, manufacturer-approved sales company driving the sale will nearly always yield a faster and better response when presenting an aircraft to the market.

If your aircraft is based in the UK we can present your aircraft in our showroom hanger, fully valeted. When a pre-purchase inspection follows, one of our experienced demonstration pilots can fly the customer, and our engineering team is available to help with a physical inspection assist with reviewing the records and respond to technical queries.

Numerous web-based companies and individuals are offering online brokerage services but numerous stories of success there are not! Simply put, we get results where others don't.


Our network of contacts is extensive. Our passion for selling is strong. Our knowledge is clear and concise and our good reputation is a testament to our dedication to customers.​If you are interested in utilising our brokerage services please contact us for more information.

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