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Shipping and import/export can often put a negative slant on a buyer looking overseas for aircraft. But it's an international market; if you want the best then you have to go global!

Eastern Atlantic imports and exports helicopters regularly. We know and understand the process and have invaluable contacts across the world. If via road, ocean or air freight we have worn those shoes and walked that path. We know what we're doing so please utilise our resources.


Buying a foreign registered aircraft?

If you are an overseas buyer and the helicopter has a foreign Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) from your importing authority then you may require an Export C of A. If the helicopter is currently UK CAA, EASA or FAA registered then Eastern Atlantic can carry out and have issued the Export C of A between the stages of completion and shipping, so once it arrives in your country you are already one step ahead. An Export C of A provides confirmation, or specific derogations, to the importing authority that the aircraft meets that nationality's airworthiness requirements.

If the helicopter is US-manufactured such as Enstrom, MD and Bell (including Canadian-built Bell), then the helicopter doesn't need an Export C of A to go back onto a standard domestic FAA C of A.

If you need the helicopter to be transferred onto an FAA, EASA or UK CAA (G registration) C of A and registration before shipping, then Eastern Atlantic can look after this entire process for you.


Minimal fuss, maximum efficiency.

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