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Our maintenance support couldn't keep up with our ambitions so we rethought the potential for an in-house engineering division. By having this level of control we have better cost management and schedule planning, both of which benefit us and the buyer.


With careful consideration given to what in-house engineering would bring we elected to expand this area of the business and now maintain the MD product line; MD500E, MD600N, MD520N, MD900 Explorer, and Enstrom 480 and 480B. We can carry out all required inspections and maintenance for these aircraft types on for G-Registered and N-Registered aircraft.


We have partitioned the showroom with a single engineering bay at one end dedicated to aircraft rebuilds. Since then, we have undertaken several bespoke refurbishments all finished to an extremely high quality such that even a new aircraft couldn't match them. Have a look at some examples of the work we have completed here.

Eastern Atlantic's attention to the real market and the real customer continued to help the company flourish even during times of global economic depression. Eastern Atlantic is now a close team of 9. See who we are on the "About Us" page.

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