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Experience the thrill of buying a new aircraft with Eastern Atlantic Helicopters. We are your trusted source for buying new MD500 Helicopters. With our strong links to MD Helicopters spanning decades and regular visits to the factory in Mesa, Arizona, we stay up to date with the latest production line and new aircraft sales. Whether you need a helicopter for private or utility missions, we can configure it to your specifications. Let us take the stress away and help you buy your new MD500E or MD530F.

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MD500E In Brief

Delivering high speed, payload, and productivity with low direct operating cost, the MD 500E is designed with the operator in mind with a responsive, agile, and reliable aircraft platform. The large flat floor provides plenty of room for cargo, and the useful internal load is ideally suited for a wide range of mission profiles.

MD530F In Brief

The MD530F is a five-blade, four-passenger, single-engine, single-pilot capable, multipurpose aircraft designed to meet extreme requirements in hot-temperature, high-altitude operations. The MD530F uses a single Rolls-Royce 650 shaft horsepower (shp) turboshaft engine, is multi-mission capable and is currently in use globally by commercial, government, and foreign military operators.

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