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Training is key to safe aircraft operations. Whether you are flying privately or professionally, your passengers deserve the same consideration. Experience can't be bought, but learning from others certainly can be.

Through Eastern Atlantic Helicopters and our Partners, we provide the very best in training across a variety of aviation sectors. From pilot training to advanced special ops survival training and emergency underwater evacuation training, we are here to push the boundaries of aviation safety both in the air and on the ground.

"Training is a choice, make the right one"


Eastern Atlantic Helicopters can provide Ab-initio PPL (H) training along with single engine turbine type ratings (UK CAA or FAA).

If you purchase a helicopter through Eastern Atlantic Helicopters and require training on the type, then worry not. As part of our turn-key service, we will train you (UK CAA or FAA) on your new helicopter. If you need any recurrence training or wish to renew/revalidate your rating then we can accommodate this via one of our in-house instructors/examiners. Contact us today to see if we can help you.

"Flying is our passion and we take training seriously"

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